Last updated: 01.07.2018


If you want to buy a ticket for Saturday and Sunday and attend the initation, please note the following:

  • The requirement for the initiation is that you have already taken refuge to the Three Jewels.
  • An initiation is based on a teacher-student relationship. It is important to enter into this relationship consciously, as it will last until the end of your life and beyond. Read for inspiration: Reflections on a Guru-Disciple Relationship (Mandala Magazine). The initiation is the introduction to Kriya Tantra. Get familiar with the topic and read Introduction into Tantra by Lama Yeshe.
  • Another requirement for participation in the initiation is that you are not a Shugden practitioner.
  • The initiation goes hand in hand with a commitment that needs to be fulfilled. In the case of the Medicine Buddha Initiation it will be the reciting of the Medicine Buddha Mantra. The amount of mantras will be announced later. Read About the advantages practicing the Medicine Buddha Practice.
  • It is important to hold on to this commitment until the end of your life in order to avoid serious karmic disadvantages for yourself.
  • Check your motivation for your participation in the initiation.
  • On the day of the initiation you should not eat “black food” such as onion plants, egg (including food containing egg), garlic, radish, meat or fish. You should also refrain from consuming tobacco.


Ticket prices are quoted netto. You will find out the price including VAT in the next step after you have selected your ticket.

With the ticket prices we try to correspond to the financial situation of our visitors. Reduced tickets are available on request. If there is no ticket in a certain category or it is sold out, please contact

Choose one of the options


Tickets for Ordained

All prices exclusive of VAT.

Donate for the event

In addition to the purchase of sponsor tickets, if you would like to support us financially, you can also make a donation using our donation form.

Cost-covering calculation

The ticket prices are the result of a cost-covering calculation. We are not profit-oriented. The amount that goes beyond the cover is donated to one or more projects of Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

Seating Reithalle

Sitzplan - Reithalle München

Seating – Reithalle München

Sponsor Tickets

You have the opportunity to support the Aryatara Institute with the purchase of a sponsor ticket. To suit your interest and your possibilities to become a sponsor there are 3 categories:

  • Category 1: 815 Euro
  • Category 2: 420 Euro
  • Category 3: 250 Euro

We appreciate it very much and are happy about your gift. It enables us to permanently invite teachers and to run the Aryatara Institute with its extensive program.


The first rows are reserved for the ordained, followed by sponsors of categories 1-3, followed by standard category seats. For Standard-Tickets seat numbers are not available. It is recommended to be there in time to find a suitable seat.

From ticket to seat

Bring your booking confirmation to the event. There you will receive a colored ribbon at the ticket counter according to the booked category, which entitles you to access.


When purchasing multiple tickets, there is only one bill/confirmation listing all tickets/seats. With this confirmation you will receive colored ribbons at the venue according to the number of tickets/seats you have purchased.

Please pass on the other ribbons to the persons for whom you have purchased tickets.